A very busy spider has begun spinning a web. Many animals come ask her to join them in their daily activities such as rolling in the mud with the pig and jumping off rocks with the goat. But the very busy spider doesn’t listen until the rooster invites her to eat a fly. Will she catch it? Watch this fun kids book read aloud to find out!

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The Very Busy Spider starts early in the morning with a spider being blown across a field and landing on a fencepost where she begins to spin a silky thread. First in this kids book, a horse approaches the spider and invites her to come and go for a ride. The very busy spider does not answer since she is so busy spinning her web. Next, a cow invited the spider to come and eat some grass, but again, the spider is too busy to answer. Next in this book for kids, a sheep invited the spider to come and run in the meadow. The very busy spider did not answer as she went about spinning her beautiful web. A goat comes along and asks the spider if she wants to go and jump on the rocks, but as always, the very busy spider declines with her silence. Next in this children's book, we see a pig approach and invite the spider to roll in the mud. The spider didn't answer because she was very busy spinning her web. Woof, Woof! A dog barks at the spider and invites it to come and chase a cat. The very busy spider did not answer, but continued to spin her web. As we continue to read along together, we see a cat invite the spider to come and take a nap. There was no answer from the spider as she busily continued to spin her web. Quack, quack, called the duck, as it invited the spider to go and take a swim. Surprisingly, the spider had finally finished creating its elaborate web to catch its prey with. Last in this book reading for kids, a rooster comes and invites the spider to catch a fly. The spider caught the fly in her web just like that. It looks like all the busyness paid off for the spider! As this children's book read aloud comes to a close, we see an owl hooting and asking who completed this beautiful web. The very busy spider does not answer because she has fallen asleep after a long day of hard work.

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Author: Eric Carle

Illustrator: Eric Carle

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