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The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is about a young raccoon about to leave home to go to his first day of school. He is afraid and would rather stay home with his mother. His mom gives him a ‘kissing hand’. What is it? Will it help him at school? Watch this kids book read aloud to find out!

Kids Books: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn read aloud for children

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The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn opens with a young raccoon crying to his mother. He is explaining to her that he does not want to go to school, but instead would rather stay home and play with his mother and friends, or even read some books. His mother explains that we all have to do things that seems scary at first, but once we start we can often make new friends and find new books to read or toys to play with. As we read aloud, we see his mother explain a kissing hand secret to him that will help assuage his fears. What is the kissing hand Chester asks his mother? His mother opens his hand and kissed his hand right in the middle of his palm. The kissing hand tingled all the up to his heart! His mother explained to him in this children’s book, that every time he thought of the kissing hand it would warm his heart and remind him that his mother loves him. Next in this reading for kids, his mother jokingly warns him not to lose it! Chester loved his kissing hand because it reminded him that his mother’s love travels with him no matter where he goes. As the book for kids comes to a close, Chester turned to his mother and asked for her hand. He kissed her hand in return and explained that his kiss would remind her of Chester’s love. The young raccoon ran off to school and wished his mother goodbye. As the owl hooted a warm welcome to school, Mother was reminded of Chester’s love by pressing her kissing hand to her cheek.

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Author: by Audrey Penn

Illustrator: Ruth E. Harper

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