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A Grouchy Ladybug starts the day out grumpy and challenges another ladybug to a fight over some aphids on a leaf. He then goes on a journey to find an animal big enough to fight with. He encounters everything from a praying mantis to a giant whale! Who will end up fighting him? Watch this book read aloud to find out!

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The Grouchy Ladybug Begins with a leaf and aphids. First a nice and happy lady bug flies in and lands on the leaf. A Grouchy Ladybug also flew in and joined the ladybug the next morning. The friendly lady bug invites the grouchy ladybug to eat aphids with him. The grouchy ladybug challenges the friendly one to a fight and tells the other ladybug to go away. He claims all of the aphids for himself, but the friendly lady bug says it will fight if he insists. The grouchy ladybug says he is not big enough, and so the friendly ladybug counters by saying he should find someone bigger to fight. The grouchy ladybug agrees and flies off to find someone to fight. First, the grouchy ladybug meets a yellow jacket and challenges it to fight. The yellow jacket shows its stinger and it says that it will fight but the ladybug says it is not big enough and flies off. Next in this book read aloud, the grouchy ladybug meets a stag beetle and challenges it to a fight. The stag beetle says it will fight if he insists and opens its jaws, but the ladybug says he is not big enough. As we continue this book for kids, the grouchy ladybug comes across a praying mantis and challenges it to a fight. The praying mantis says it will fight if he insists and reaches out with its long front legs, but the grouchy ladybug says he is not big enough. Next in this story book, Grouchy Ladybug challenges a sparrow to a fight. Sparrow says it will fight, but the grouchy ladybug says Sparrow is not big enough and flies off. As we continue this kids book read aloud, the unhappy ladybug challenges a lobster to fight; the lobster stretches his claws but the grouchy ladybug flies off. Next in this reading for kids, I unhappy ladybug challenges a skunk who starts to lift his tail but then he chooses to fly off to the next animal. The next animal is a snake which is about to eat a squirrel. The grouchy ladybug challenges the snake to a fight who accept his offer, but the grouchy ladybug flies off to fight a hyena instead. As we read along together, we see the ladybug claim the hyena is not big enough to fight and he flies off to fight a gorilla instead. Following the gorilla in this kids book, the grouchy ladybug challenges a rhinoceros and an elephant, both of which he claims are both not large enough to fight. The final animal the grouchy ladybug challenges to a fight is a great blue whale. Surprisingly, the whale does not respond to any of his challenges but remain silent. Later on in the day, the lady bug challenges the whale's fin to a fight and is smacked by the whale's tail all the way back to the aphids on the leaf. As this kids book read aloud comes to a close, the grouchy ladybug accepts the friendly ladybugs invitation to eat the aphids. That night, they eat the aphids and enjoy the fireflies flying around them.

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Author: Eric Carle

Illustrator: Eric Carle

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