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Have you ever had your box of crayons go on strike?! The Day the Crayons Quit chronicles the tales of woe from several of Duncan’s crayons as they complain about their challenges. How will Duncan ever please all of them? Watch this kids book read aloud to find out!

Kids Books: The Day the Crayons Quit read aloud for children

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This book read aloud is all about The Day the Crayons Quit. A little boy named Duncan who owned a box of crayons, walked in to find a stack of letters addressed to him. First there was a letter from the Red crayon, he told all about how he wears himself out coloring fire engines and apples and even Santa Claus. The next crayon we read a letter from is purple crayon. He is frustrated that so much of his coloring goes outside of the lines and he asks Duncan to be much more neat and tidy with his crayon coloring in the future. As we continue in this story book, there is a letter from the beige crayon. Beige crayon is frustrated that he is always second place to Mr. brown crayon, and says that people are not excited to use beige because all they can color is a stalk of wheat. As we read along together, this book for kids shows gray crayon complaining about how he has to color large animals such as whales, rhinoceros, and hippos. In the Day the Crayon Quiet book, Gray crayon asks if Duncan can color some small rocks or pebbles instead of such large grey animals. Next, we see the white crayon writing to Duncan about how she can't even be used to color on white paper because you can’t see her. In this reading for kids, the next crayon to write a letter is the black crayon. Black crayon says it's not fair to be used to draw just the outlines and the other colors are always used to color in the shapes. This children's book also shows Green crayon complimenting Duncan for using this crayon to color large fun animals. However, in this book reading for kids, the green crayon asks to resolve the battle between yellow and orange about which is the true color of the sun. Yellow crayon claims to be the true color because it was used to color the Sun in one of his picture. orange crayon also tries to claim that he is the true color of the sun as well. As we continue to read aloud together, we see the blue crayon becoming so tiny and small from coloring all of the oceans, rain, rivers, etc and getting all used up. Pink crayon comes next, and asks Duncan why he is never used to color dinosaurs or other animals, and wonders if it's just because Duncan thinks he is a girl. In The Day the Crayons Quit book, Peach crayon is embarrassed to leave the crayon box because he doesn't have any wrapper! As the kids book read aloud comes to a close, Duncan gets a clever idea to make sure all of his crayons are happy. He gives his teacher a picture using every color in his crayon box so all of his crayons would be happy.

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Author: Drew Daywalt

Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

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