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Pinkalicious has bird week at her school and is so excited to discover the rare Pink Parakeet at the birdhouse zoo. She and her classmates can’t find it until they discover it hiding in their teachers hood! The Pink Parakeet escapes and her class can’t find it anywhere. Will Pinkalicious be able to use her bird knowledge to find it?

Pinkalicious goes on another wonderful adventure in this kids book read aloud. Her class is learning about birds and she is so excited to find the pink parakeet. She tells her family all about the different birds she has learned about and different facts about them. Above all else, Pinkalicious is most excited to find the pink parakeet. On the last day of bird week, her class goes on a trip to the house of birds at the zoo. As we continue reading this book for kids, we see that the class discovers all kinds of different birds, parrots and parakeets. Sadly, her class does not find a single pink parakeet in the zoo. Allison tells Pinkalicious that she is sorry and maybe she will find a pink parakeet another day. As they begin to walk out the door, they hear a strange bird call saying pink pink pink. They wonder what the sound is but then realize that the parrot is telling them that it sees the pink parakeet. Pinkalicious and her friend turned around to see the pink parakeet in their teachers hood as she exits the door. By the time they caught up to her, it was too late and the bird was gone. As we continue to read aloud, we see the entire class searching for the parakeet but they cannot find it anywhere. Then Pinkalicious remembers her bird book and looks up the information about the pink parakeet.She discovers that the pink parakeet likes eating fruit and taking baths. She asks her classmates if anyone has any food or water and they prepare a snack of cherries and a bowl for it to take a bath. Then Pinkalicious makes her best bird call and waits for the parakeet to come. Suddenly the pink parakeet flies out of a nearby tree and begins to eat the cherries and take a bath. Her teacher takes the parakeet and gently returns it back to the birdhouse and the whole class cheers! This children's story read aloud has a happy ending.

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Author: Victoria Kann

Illustrator: Victoria Kann

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