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Lllama Llama Red Pajama is playing with a new friend and they are having fun together. Suddenly, the new friend is playing with Llama’s stuffed animal and they fight over it and tear the doll’s arm! Will Llama’s mom be able to fix the doll and will Llama learn to share? Find out by enjoying this kids book read aloud.

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Llama Llama Time to Share is a fun bedtime story about baby Llama having a new friend over to play at the house. Llama Llama is at home playing with trains and his other toys when the doorbell rings. It looks like there are new friends coming to visit. Mama llama introduces the new friends and invites the children to play together. She stresses the importance of sharing their toys and getting along while they play together during their play date. As we continue this book read aloud, we see the new girl looking at all the toys they can use to play together. Nelly, begins to play with all of Llama Llamas fun toys and building things with the blocks. The llamas have a fun time sharing until baby begins to scream and kick his feet. Mama Llama is distracted but suddenly Llama LLama turns around to see Nelly playing with her fuzzy doll. Llama does not think it is time to share and pulls on the arm of the doll but it tears off! Llama Llama begins to yell to her mother about the emergency and how the arm must be fixed. Mama llama get some thread and sews the arm back on and makes it good as new. Because Mama Llamas doesn’t think they know how to share yet, she puts the doll on the stairs until they are ready. The llamas begin to play with her other toys and have fun together in the toy kitchen and playing dress up. As they have fun, they decide they are ready to share and get the doll from the stairs and play together. Playtime is over but Llama has a new friend and they are excited to have another time to share as they play again together.

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Author: Anna Dewdney

Illustrator: Anna Dewdney

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