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Lllama Llama Red Pajama is lying down after a bedtime story, but after his mama leaves him he is very afraid. Where is she? He cries for her help, but will she hear him and come to help?

Children's Books: Llama Llama Red Pajama read aloud for kids

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Llama Llama Red Pajama is a fun bedtime story about baby Llama going to bed for the night. In this kids book read aloud, baby Llama has been read a book by his mama llama before going to bed. Now that Mama has left, llama llama red pajama feels alone without his mama. Baby llama wants a drink but mama is downstairs washing dishes at the kitchen sink. Llama llama red pajama calls down to his mama llama, and Mama respond and says she'll be upstairs soon. Baby llama is waiting patiently in his bed for his mama to come upstairs. Since she has not come yet baby llama begins to fret. He even begins to whimper softly for his mama but downstairs, mama llama here's the phone ring. As we continue to read the childrens story aloud, we see Llama llama red pajama listening quietly for his mama llama to come upstairs. Baby llama begins to holler loudly for his momma and even stomp, pout, jump and shout! He begins to be scared in the dark without his mama and is frightened as he thinks, what if she is gone? Llama llama red pajama begins weeping and wailing for his mama and cries out to her asking her to run and help him! Mama llama dashes up the stairs to find him safe in bed. Mama is not very happy with his wailing and crying and tells him that he must be patient for his mama. She tells baby llama that she is always there for him even if she is not always sitting beside his bed. Llama llama red pajama gets two kisses goodnight before going back to sleep.

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Author: Anna Dewdney

Illustrator: Anna Dewdney

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