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Join the Little Blue Truck as he goes on a journey down the road and greets all of his animals friends. Suddenly a large yellow truck zooms by rudely but gets caught in the mud. Little Blue Truck tries to help him get un-stuck but ends up trapped himself. Who will save Little Blue Truck? Watch this kids books read aloud to find out.

Kids Books: Little Blue Truck read aloud for children

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This reading for kids starts with a blue truck driving down an old country road. As the little blue truck drives down the road, we see Green Toad sitting on the side of the road. Little Blue beeps his horn with a friendly hello and in return the toad croaks hello right back. The little blue truck passes many other animals such as a sheep, a cow and even a horse. As we continue this book for kids, we also see the blue truck pass a goat and a duck as he drives down the road. The truck beeps his horn with a friendly reply. Suddenly, there is a large truck driving quickly past with a loud honk. The large dump truck stated that it had lots of important things to do I didn't have time to say hello. Next in this story book, the large yellow truck drives into a large mud puddle and his tires gets stuck in the muck. The large truck honked his horn and was frightened that he would be stuck in the mud. In this book reading for kids, we see the little blue truck come to the help of the vehicle that is stuck. Little blue truck tries to push him out but he also get stuck, and cries out for help to all the animals around. The cow and the horse and all the other animals came running quickly to help push the little blue truck out of the mud. Together they all pushed as hard as they could and push the little blue truck out of the mud. And this children's book read aloud, we see the toad come to everyone's rescue since they can't get the trucks out of the mud. With all of them pushing together with their might, they are able to push the little blue truck and his big brother truck out of the puddle. Beep said the blue truck and offering everyone a ride. All the animals get into the back of the little blue truck and drive off down the old country road.

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Author: Alice Schertle

Illustrator: Jill McElmurry

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