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Harry hates having baths more than anything else! So he hides his scrub brush and runs away from home to avoid them. He has all kinds of fun around the city and gets dirtier than he’s ever been, so much so that he changes colors. Will his family be able to recognize him now that he’s so dirty? Watch this children’s books read aloud to find out!

Children's Books: Harry the Dirty Dog read aloud for kids

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Harry the Dirty Dog starts with a small white dog with black spots who doesn’t like taking baths. In this kids books, Harry buries his brush in order to escape taking a bath. To make extra sure that Harry stays a dirty dog, he runs away from home. As the childrens story continues, harry played where they were fixing the street and got very dirty. Next in this story for kids, Harry went adn played near the railroad and got himself even messier. He found the dog park and got very messy playing with all the other dogs. To finish it all off, he went and played in a coal chute and go the messiest of all. Harry the Dirty Dog was really living up to his name now! He had turned himself into a black dog with white spots instead. Harry decided that he was hungry and was worried his family had forgotten about him. Harry the Dirty Dog decided it was time for him to return home to his family. As this book for kids continues, we see Harry return to his family and sat looking at the back door. One of the family sees him and says there is a strange dog in the backyard. Harry the Dirty Dog played tricks and did all his old tricks over and over again. His family just couldn’t beleive it was him. Harry got an idea and went and dug up his scrubbing brush. He dashed upstairs and jumped into the bathtub begging for a bath. As we continue to real along together, we see Harry get a bath and reveal his true self. He was combed and brushed lovingly and became once again a white dog with black spots. Harry the Dirty Dog was dirty no more!

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Author: Gene Zion

Illustrator: Margaret Bloy Graham

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