Five Little Pumpkins sit on a fence during halloween. Scary ghosts and witches fly all around them this dark night. Will the pumpkins be afraid or be excited about this fun Halloween season? Watch this Halloween kids book read aloud to find out.

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This halloween kids books shows us five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. As we read aloud together, we see the first pumpkin exclaim about how late the day is getting. Next in this book read aloud, the second pumpkin is afraid of all the witches flying through the air around them. The third pumpkin says that the pumpkins don’t care at all. After that, the fourth pumpkin says that they should run around together. As we continue this story book, we see the fifth pumpkin says that he is ready for some fun. As this children's book read aloud continues, we see the wind blow through and put out the candle light. The Five Little Pumpkins roll out of sight.

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Author: Dan Yaccarino

Illustrator: Dan Yaccarino

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