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Bear wakes up from his hibernation and is famished! He is invited by his friends to eat berries, clover, and fish but always wants more. His friends throw him a party with honey cakes, but will that finally satisfy his appetite? Watch this fall book for kids to find out!

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This fall book for children starts with a bear waddling outside after awakening from his hibernation. He digs with his paws for shoots from the ground and nipples until his entire lawn is gone, but the bear wants more. Next in this fall book read aloud, a Mouse friend scampers by and invites the bear to pick strawberries. They tramp through the woods for a fresh fruit snack. As we continue to read aloud, we see the berries get eaten until they're all gone, but the bear wants more. Next in this autumn book for kids, a rabbit hops on by and invites them to come eat at a fresh clover patch. The bear nibbles on his lunch of clover until it's all gone, but the bear wants more. In this book read aloud, we see the badger shuffle by and invite his friends to a fine fish feast. They all head down to the pond and sit by the shore until they catch some fish. As we read along together, we see the bear eating lots of fish, but the bear wants more. Back in the bears den, Gopher, Mole, Raven, Wren are all preparing honey cakes and preparing a springtime party for their good friend Bear. In this reading for kids, we see bear rub his tummy because he smells something yummy cooking back home, and he still wants more. He romps back home and his friends yell surprise when he gets to his den as they show him his surprise of honey cakes. Bear tries to fit through the door but he has become so large that he gets stuck in his own Dareway, so all of his friends tried to help push him out. Bear finally pops out of his doorway, but even though he has become so large he still wants more. Together bear and his friends enjoy Honey Cakes and Gobble them down until their tummies ache.As this fall book for kids comes to a close, bear snuggles in the grass and begins to snore, but his friends want more.

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Author: Karma Wilson

Illustrator: Jane Chapman

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