In this clever children’s book, a pigeon keeps trying to persuade you to let it drive the bus. This pigeon just doesn’t let up! Will you give in, or will you stick to your guns and make sure this crazy pigeon doesn’t start driving the bus?

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Children's Books: Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus Read Aloud

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus starts with a bus driver asking you if you can watch the bus for him while he is away. Only moments after the bus driver leaves, the pigeon asks if he can drive the bus. Then the pigeon tells us he’ll be careful and then asks again, can i please drive the bus? He claims that his cousin drives the bus every day, true story! Next in the kids books read aloud, the pigeon pretends to be driving the bus. Vroom Vroom, the pigeon is at the wheel of the bus! He complains that he never gets to do anything. Next in this childrens story read aloud, the pigeon asks if we can play drive the bus and says he’ll go first. Come on, he says in the children’s books. Next in the story for kids, the pigeon goes through a series of ideas to try and persuade us to let him drive the bus. He tries to give us 5 bucks, says our mom would him him, and says it’s even been his dream to drive a bus. The finale of this kids book read aloud is the pigeon loudly exclaiming, Let me drive the bus!! Shortly thereafter, the bus driver returns and asks if we let the pigeon drive the bus. Luckily we didn’t right? But after the bus driver leaves, the pigeon then spots a large semi truck

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Author: Mo Willems

Illustrator: Mo Willems

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