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In this Disney kids book read aloud, we see the racing plane named Dusty become a firefighter because his engine is damaged. He begins to fight fires but is afraid he will permanently damage his motor if he overworks it. Will Dusty be able to save cars from the fire without damaging his engine?

Disney Book - Planes Dusty to the Rescue Kids Book Read Aloud

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Dusty to the Rescue is a fun Disney book read aloud for kids. This book starts by showing how Dusty is a racing plane who flies around the globe winning race after race. During a practice flight, his engine is damaged and he’s told he would have to be careful to not race too fast until his engine was fixed. As we continue to read aloud, we see that Dusty has to wait while his friends search for parts to fix his engine. He wants to help so he flies to the National Park to become a certified firefighter. The team's mechanic remove his landing gear and replace it with pontoons so he can carry water to drop on the fires. In this book for kids, we see Dusty studying and practicing to become a skilled firefighter. He has to be careful not to fly too quickly and damage his motor, but he learns how to drop repellent on the fires. Later in the Disney book, we see Dusty's friends call him and let him know there were no parts available to fix his motor. Ws we continue to read along in this Disney Planes book, an alarm rings and Dusty flies off to fight the fire and drops all of his retardant on the first fire. He tries to fix the mistake by scooping water out of the river but the wind makes him lose control and he begins to drift towards a waterfall. In this book for kids, we see Blade the helicopter save him from falling off the waterfall. He admits to Blade he has a damaged motor and might not be able to be a firefighter. In this reading for kids we see Dusty tell him that he must continue fighting fires to save lives. Dusty and the firefighter team fly into action to put out the flames and Dusty fly straight up the waterfall to fill his pontoons with water to save two RVs. As the Disney kids book continues, we see Dusty overwork his motor as he drops the water on the fire and then his engine fails and he crashes into the trees. He awakens to find that his motor has been rebuilt and he’s good as new. The book reading for kids closes with Dusty becoming a certified firefighter ready to save the day!

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Author: RH/Disney

Illustrator: RH/Disney

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