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In this Disney Cars Book read aloud, Mater join Lightning Mcqueen as they go to another race. There are some bad cars out there waiting for them as they come to the race. Who will protect Lightning and Mater and ensure their safety? Will the Super Spies be able to save them? Find out in this fun kids book read aloud!

Cars Book - Lightning McQueen in Disney’s Super Spies Kids Book Read Aloud

In this Disney Cars book read aloud, Lightning McQueen and Mater are on a plane going to a big race. Mater is there to help Lightning McQueen during the race and help ensure his racing victory. As we read aloud together, we see Finn and Holly which are two spy cars there to protect the race from other vehicles that want to harm them. Holly calls Mater at the race and tells them that they can meet up. Mater sees the bad cars coming to hurt them, but Finn and Holly fight them off and keep everyone safe. Mater is not there to help Lightning McQueen at the race because of the bad cars, so Lightning loses the race. As we continue to read along in this book for kids, Lightning is angry and frustrated at Mater because he is not there to help him. Because Lightning is so angry, Mater is offended and decides he wants to go home. As Mater heads to the airport, the spies are there in hiding to help protect Mater from the bad cars that want to hurt them. Mater and Finn are attacked but they race away from the bad cars and fight them off as Mater drives into the spy plane to escape. In this reading for kids, we see Holly and Finn telling Mater that they are actually spy cars and that's why they've been following him around. Ironically, they think that made her is also a spy car and that he will help them fight off the bad cars. They provide Mater with all kinds of spy tools and dress him up to help fight off bad cars. Mater finds the bad cars and tries to stop them because they're intend to harm Lightning McQueen. Mater tries to warn Lightning but he sadly doesn't see his signals. The bad cars trap Mater in a giant clock, but he is able to escape and come to Lightning McQueen's rescue. They fight off the bad cars and Mater finds Lightning and race away to escape to safety. Mater uses a spy tools to fly into the air using his rocket engines as they escape from danger. As the children's book comes to a close, we see Mater and Lightning approach the queen as she expresses her gratitude to them for keeping the country safe. As the reading for kids comes to an end, we see that Mater and Lightning have become Disney heroes!

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Author: RH/Disney

Illustrator: RH/Disney

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