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Radiator Springs need a new firefighting brigade to keep the busy town safe. Sarge trains Lightning Mcqueen and Mater to lead the firefighting efforts. They are invited to the big parade but suddenly a fire breaks out. Will the new team be up the challenge and be able to extinguish the fire and keep the town safe? Watch this kids book read aloud to find out!

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In this Disney Cars books, we see that Radiator Springs used to be a small racing town. Since Lightning McQueen has become such a worldwide racing star, Radiator Springs has become extremely busy. Sheriff tells Red the firetruck that he needs to bring on more team members to help fight fires. Sarge start training the team and tells them that they need to ring the fire bell to sound the alarm during a firefighting emergency. Lightning McQueen says that he is perfect for the job and quickly drive to ring the fire bell but crashes into the alarm knocking the bell off. Sarge tells the team to raise the firefighting ladder up to the roof during training. In this cars book read aloud, Mater has to practice hooking up the fire hose to the hydrant. The new recruits spring into action turning on the hydrant and spraying Sarge with a stream of water. As we continue reading this book for kids, we see that the team has prepared and become a skilled fire brigade. Lightning McQueen tells the other team members that firefighting requires team work just like a racing team. Next in this Disney Cars book, we discover that the team has been invited to lead the Radiator Springs parade. The team races over to the body shop to get new paint job so they look sparkling clean. The firefighting Brigade is all prepared for the big day, but an emergency brakes out as they see smoke rising in the distance. As we continue this book reading for kids, we see the firefighting team race into action and man their stations to put out the fire. They spray a stream of water on to the smoking mass only to find that it is Mater who has broken out into flames after he overheated. As this Disney read along comes to a close, we see that Radiator Springs has their own fire fighting Brigade that will keep them safe.

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Author: Frank Berrios

Illustrator: RH Disney

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