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In this Disney Cars Book read aloud, all is peaceful in Radiator Springs until some race cars come speeding through town. They are too fast for Sheriff to stop by himself, so he makes Mater his Deputy to help bring peace back to the town. Will Lightning McQueen and Deputy Mater be able to stop the hot rods? Find out in this fun kids book read aloud!

Disney Cars Book - Lightning McQueen in Deputy Mater Saves the Day Kids Book Read Aloud

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Lightning Mcqueen and Mater live in Radiator Springs. In this cars book read aloud, early one morning several race cars roared through town so quickly, the it seemed like they didn’t even see the traffic light. The Cars talk about how Sheriff has tried to stop them, but he’s not fast enough to catch them. It sounds like Sheriff need a deputy! Mater comes by to visit and Sheriff says that Mater should be his deputy and help him keep the peace. Mater responded by saying, “Deputy Mater, I like the sound of that.” As the kids book continues, we see Mater, Lightning Mcqueen, and all their car friends gathered in Radiator Springs courthouse. Sheriff tells Deputy Mater that his first job is to choose his fellow deputies. Mater chooses Lightning and Sarge as his new deputies to serve alongside him. As we read along, we see the cars patrolling the next day sporting their deputy badges. Lightning Mcqueen kept an eye on the intersection while Sarge used his binoculars to watch the road while Deputy Mater stood nearby. Everything was quiet until the cars heard the familiar roar of engines in the distance. Deputy Mater drove right to the middle of the road and waited. The race cars screeched to a halt in front of Mater with an angry look on their faces. They asked Mater why he was in the middle of the road! Mater responds by welcoming them to Radiator Springs and asking them if they knew how fast they were going. As we read aloud together, we hear them saying they were going 65 miles an hour, just below the speed limit on the road sign which read 66. Deputy Mater explains that the road sign lets you know which road you're on, not the speed limit! Deputy Mater made the hot rods promise to slow down and if he caught them speeding again he would give them each a ticket. “Yes sir, Deputy Mater,” the race cars responded. In this Disney book read aloud, Radiator Springs returns to it’s quiet safety thanks to Deputy Mater. The new car friends even decide to spend some time with their new car friends. Join Lightning Mcqueen and Mater as Storybook Nanny reads this fun book for kids read aloud.

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Author: Frank Berrios

Illustrator: RH/Disney

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