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A fun alphabet book for kids, Click Clack Quackity Quack takes you through all the letters of the alphabet while exploring all the animals on the farm. You’re sure to be an ABC whiz by the end, we guaranquack it! ;)

Kids Books: Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack alphabet read aloud for children

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Click Clack Quackity Quack is a fun alphabet children's book based on the farm animals. This kids book begins with the animals awaking beneath blue blankets. We then see the cows and the duck typing on a typewriter and hear the click clack of the typing. Next in this alphabet book, we see the Ducks dashing and the eggs hatching with little chicks flipping flipping out of the eggs. After that, in this reading for kids the goats are grooming, the hens are helping, and the inchworms are inching along. Click clack quackity quack, the children's book shows us kittens kicking leaping and licking. As we continue in this book reading for kids, we see the pigs peeking out of the tub after a bath and the duck saying quackity quack. The rain starts falling on the sheep that are sleeping and the mice are tiptoeing as they carry their umbrellas to stay dry in the rain. Lastly, in this story book we see the farm animals starting a picnic with an X marking the spot. Click clack quackity quack, the animals bring watermelons to enjoy together and after their large meal they are yawning and falling asleep and snoring loudly.

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Author: Doreen Cronin

Illustrator: Betsy Lewin

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