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Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes shows a little mouse who thinks her name is absolutely perfect! She is excited to start school but ends up being made fun of by all the other kids because she is named after a flower. What will Chrysanthemum do to stop being teased?

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Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes Is a wonderful kids book that your children will enjoy reading along with us. At the beginning of this reading for kids, when Chrysanthemum was born, her parents thought that she was perfect. They were trying to decide a name for their new child and chose Chrysanthemum which they thought was just right. As the child continued to grow, Chysanthemum began to appreciate her beautiful name. She loved the way Chrysanthemum sounded when her father called her for dinner or when she whispered it to herself in the bathroom. In this book reading for kids, we see Chrysanthemum writing her name in ink on an envelope, in the icing on her birthday cake or with her fat orange crown on drawing paper. She would often repeat her name to herself because she thought it was absolutely perfect. The problems began when Chrysanthemum started school. On the first day when her teacher was calling roll, all the others kids giggled at her because they thought her name was funny. Victoria, another student in her class, said that Chrysanthemum’s name was silly because she was named after a flower. The rest of the day was not much better because after the children in the school we're done reading story books, Victoria said that Chrysanthemum should change her name because it was so embarrassing. When Chrysanthemum got home and was welcomed to by her parents, she explained to them how all the kids made fun of her for her name. Her parents tried to comfort her by telling her that Chrysanthemum was absolutely perfect and she shouldn’t let the teasing get to her.

As we continue the children's book read aloud, we see that Chrysanthemum goes to school in her most comfortable jumper to help with her confidence. As she entered the playground with the other kids, they made fun of her and said that they should treat her like a Chrysanthemum flower by picking her. The rest of the day was not much better, because during nap time Victoria said that Chrysanthemum is a flower that lives in the garden with other dirty things. As the children lined up to go, they said they could not believe the Chrysanthemum was her name! Next in this reading for kids, Chrysanthemum goes home and is comforted by her parents who tell her that the other students are just jealous of her beautiful name. Chrysanthemum had a horrible nightmare where she was an actual flower and Victoria was picking petals off of her. The last day in this book for kids, Chrysanthemum took the longest route to school and when she arrived all the children met Mrs. Twinkle the new music teacher. They thought Mrs. Twinkle was amazing and discovered that her first name was actually delphinium! A flower name just like Chrysanthemum! Everyone was jealous of Chrysanthemum and her name because of Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle wanted to name her child Chrysanthemum too! Now all the other kids wished they were named after a flower as well.

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Author: Kevin Henkes

Illustrator: Kevin Henkes

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