Come enjoy another Cars books read aloud as we learn the story of Lightning Mcqueen in the Disney Pixar movie. We see how Mcqueen finds himself in Radiator Springs and meets Mater to become best friends and prepare for the big race. Will Lightning MCqueen win?

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Cars Book - Lightning McQueen in Disney Pixar: Driving Buddies children’s book read aloud

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In this fun Cars books, we meet Lightning McQueen, a shiny fast car that wants to win the big race. We also meet Mater, he’s an old tow truck who only wants to have a best friend. In this children’s book read aloud, the streets were quiet in Radiator Springs and all was calm. Lightning Mcqueen was on his way to a big race, he was speeding and all of a sudden the Sheriff was on his tail! He raced off the road and crashed into a fence. Mcqueen gets sent to jail and Mater meets him there and they become car friends. Next in this children’s story, the town demands that he fixes the road, so he gets to work. Mater takes Lightning Mcqueen tractor tipping to show him a fun time. Lightning then shares with Mater his dream of winning the car race and how he will become famous. Mater was happy to have a new best friend. After Mcqueen has finished fixing the road, he finally finds Mack the truck who can take him to the big race. Mater and the other cars were sad to see their new friend leave the town. At the end of the childrens book, McQueen still did not win the race because he helped an old friend finish the race.

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Author: by Apple Jordan

Illustrator: RH Disney

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