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In this fun fall book, we watch children harvest crops from their garden as they discover all the wonderful foods that are grown. They prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving feast from their food to enjoy together.

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This kids book, Fall Harvests, is a great autumn book that teaches kids about harvesting food in the fall. There are so many different foods that are harvested in the fall like, apples, peaches, nectarines, corn, pecans, wheat, potatoes and so much more. In this kids book read aloud, we learn that the fall harvest is when farmers pick and gather all the foods they’ve been growing all summer long. Spring is for planting. Farmers start planting seeds in the spring and let them grow for many months till they are ripe and ready to pick. Summer is for growing. In this book reading for kids, it teaches that leaves use the sun in a process called photosynthesis to make food for the growing plants. Slowly, seeds change and grow and turn into large plants that will be picked in the fall.

As this children’s book continues, we see that apples make delicious applesauce and apple pie for thanksgiving. Pecans can be made into pecan pie and pumpkins are made into pumpkin pie. Many farmers grow pumpkins and allow people to come pick them at their pumpkin patch.

Harvest festivals are celebrated in the the fall by many different cultures. People in Korea have a harvest moon festival where they play games and eat rice cakes. Ghana has a Yam festival where they have music, parades, eat yams and laugh and dance. Thanksgiving is a day where we are grateful for what we have and we spend time with our families.

There are so many wonderful foods and holidays to celebrate in the fall.

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Author: Martha E. H. Rustad

Illustrator: Amanda Enright

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